ROGSI and Tablet-PC´s - do you need this?

ROGSI/DMS for Tablet-PC´s - do you need this?

Maybe not today, but tomorrow.
ROG is the first BCM and DRP tool provider who offers this new features.
Maintain your data and execute your plans by using a tablet PC mobile all over in your campus.
Since Release 4.2.045 and 5.1.043 you can use the software also mobile at any place in your company. We have made a "face lifting" for the GUI. This allows to work with ROGSI/DMS without keyboard, just using your finger to click on the screen.
Connect your table PC via W-LAN or cable (plug in at any outlet) or use an offline version.
This functions are included in the latest version. Customer will have this feature when downloading the latest version. New customer will have this in their first installation as well.