ROGSI/DMS V4 Benefits

A Disaster Recovery Documentation is like car insurance. Everybody has one, and hopes never to use it. Nobody will hit a tree, because the car is insured.

Minimal Workload and Maximum Benefit

ROGSI/DMS maintains all information for different situation.
Themosteffortis required for the"first fill". This is identical, if you use a tool or a word processing system. But with a tool, it’s possible to reduce this effort to a minimum. The different options for the first fill are:
1. Type in all data – this will take a long time to do
2. Collect all data in an Excel sheet – and than import this Excel sheets – might be faster, but only for first fill
3. Import data from different sources – this is the fastest way and can be executed also to update the data
The graphical plan shows step by step how to restart your business- including information like Who, Why, When, Where, With what and at last What. Automatically protocols show the results after execution.
ROGSI/DMS has an interface to Alarm Systems