ROG brings more than 20 years of expirience in BDM and DRP into your project. This supports our customer in all phases of creating and maintaining the BCM, BCP, DRM and DRP.


The experience is also based on the experience from removals of data centres of all kinds and sizes. Removals of data centre or part of it need to be planned in details to keep the downtime at a minimum level. This know how is “integrated” in our plans.

The following list includes some key steps in a disaster recovery project.

Creating the Disaster Management

  • Define Mission Critical Applications
  • Define Disaster Management Team
  • Create a Disaster Management Control Centre
  • Define of Teams (i.e. Hardware, Network, Databases)
  • Define Escalation plans
  • Define Evacuation plans
  • Define Recovery plans (for each scenario)
  • Create Inventory data
  • Create Company and Personnel data
  • Create Checklists for continuous maintenance

Continuous Tasks

  • Check Mission Critical Application
  • Check Disaster Management Team
  • Check Disaster Management Control Centre
  • Check of Scenarios
  • Check of Teams
  • Check of Escalation procedure
  • Check of Evacuation plans
  • Check of Addresses
  • Check of Inventory
  • Check of Recovery plans
  • Check the Checklist

Tasks in case of disaster

    • Coordinate the Teams
    • Coordinate activities of all teams
    • Reaction on all positive and negative situations
    • Information of the  Management  
  • Organise Milestone Meetings