BCM - Lifecycle

The ROG philosophy in business continuity is to

  • sufficiently identify points of failure and internal and external factors
  • to analyze costs and benefits of multiple options
  • deliver plans and documents that are applicable in real life situations
  • deliver plans and documents that can be maintained in the future turning the effort into a long term investment
  • following theBS25999 lifecycle or ISO 22301


Looking at All Possible Risks

Key to a successful business continuity plan is to identify all possible points of failure and to identify all types of risks. ROG brings the practical experience you will need to effectively plan both preventatively and restoratively. Consider a fully redundant storage array along with a fully redundant power supply including diesel backup generators but only one electrical circuit connecting all power sources to the storage array - shorting out the circuit will bring down the system dispute the redundancy and the diesel. Or consider a facility that was build to withstand the worst natural catastrophes but has limited network connections to the outside world - small factors such as outside construction equipment damaging a cable can be enough to disrupt daily operations.

Both of the above situations can be easily prevented: In the first example, running two independent electrical circuits between the power sources and the storage array will make the system truly redundant and reduce the risk of downtime. In the second example, the cables running out of the data center can simply be organized into multiple bundles each taking a different physical route.

Keeping Everything Up-To-Date

Keeping your business continuity plans up-to-date is as important as creating them in the first place. This is another key area where the approach and experience of ROG distinguishes from many traditional consulting firms. We design our documents and plans to be applicable in real life situations - we do not deliver stacks of paper with the sole purpose to collect dust. All our projects include extensive test procedures that will allow you to continuously verify the completeness and correctness of all plans, documents and procedure, and maintenance procedures that will allow you keep all documents and procedures up-to-date. Both are critical to effectively prevent interruptions and recover from interference. In addition the overall cost to maintain your plans is lower than repeatedly creating new studies every few years that likely will not be applicable by the time they will be used.

Putting it Into Perspective

You cannot create a 100% fail-proof environment that is immune to all and every kind of situation and disaster even with a reasonable effort and budget. As part of our business continuity planning, ROG will work with you to determine two key factors for your business: What is the estimated damage of system outages to your business for a variety of time periods (for example, 1 hour, 2 hours, 8 hours, 1 day, 2, days). And what are the costs for different preventative and recovery options (for example, fully redundant data center, backup data center contract, mobile backup data center)

Our business continuity and recovery projects include the following services:

  • Analyze prevention and recovery measures
  • Identify mission critical business processes
  • Define possible scenarios
  • Create plans for prevention and recovery
  • Define teams and their roles and responsibilities
  • Deliver extensive documentation
  • Create test plans to continuously verify validity and completeness of all plans
  • Maintenance schedule that will keep all plans up-to-date on a regular basis