Die neue Version ROGSI/DMS 4.2.055 steht für unsere Anwender mit Wartungsvertrag zum Download bereit.
Um die Prozessdaten mehr mit den BIA Daten zu verknüpfen, wurden in diesem Bereich neue Datenfelder eingefügt. So können jetzt u.a. das Datum der letzten und der nächsten BIA definiert werden. Wird der Termin für die geplante BIA überschritten, so wird dies angezeigt.
Auch können jetzt spezielle Telefonnummern unterdrückt werden, um z.B. die Privatnummern des Managements zu schützen.
Alle ROGSI/DMS Versionen, auch die älteren, sind unter Windows 10 lauffähig.

ROGSI/DMS for Tablet-PC´s - do you need this?

Maybe not today, but tomorrow.
ROG is the first BCM and DRP tool provider who offers this new features.
Maintain your data and execute your plans by using a tablet PC mobile all over in your campus.
Since Release 4.2.045 and 5.1.043 you can use the software also mobile at any place in your company. We have made a "face lifting" for the GUI. This allows to work with ROGSI/DMS without keyboard, just using your finger to click on the screen.
Connect your table PC via W-LAN or cable (plug in at any outlet) or use an offline version.
This functions are included in the latest version. Customer will have this feature when downloading the latest version. New customer will have this in their first installation as well.


ROGSI/DMS benefits may be summarised as follows:

o       User friendly, intuitive and easy to use

o       Client/Server, Browser and Offline = highest availability

o       Permanent up-to-date by involving staff and ownership of plans

o       Automated email reminders saving management time

o       Escalation and validation features

o       Management view – Online and pre-defined reporting

o       Easy Plan development quicker, efficient and cost effective

o       All versions of plans always accessible online to authorised personnel

o       USB-Device Fully secured – 256 bit AES encryption

o       flexible allocation of access rights to users.

ROG baut die Partnerschaften mit Unternehmen in weiteren Ländern aus.
Mit Beginn dieses Jahres hat die ROG weitere Partnerschaften in europäischen Ländern geschlossen.

Risk Control RCC GmbH
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.riskcontrol.li



than try an Interruption

If one or more business processes are not available or interrupted, the impact can be  vry expensive. It is worth to know the real loss of money and the loss of the image in different "downtimes". A BIA will give a good answer to all this questions.

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