About us

ROG is a German BCM Company with the longest expirience in Developing BCM Software



Our Goal

Our goal is to assist companies during their BCM project. From the beginning with Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis to the complete Disaster Recovery Plan.



  • Anwendung
  • Hardware
  • Handbuch Struktur
  • Inhalt
  • ROGSI/BIA - Flexible - Easy to add new questions - Easy to modify
  • BIA - Clear questions result in clear answers
  • BIA - See the results in Text and graphical Elements
  • Prosesses - Detailled Information about active Processes * Critikality - Priority - Requirements - Connection
  • Application - Detailled Information about active Processes * Critikality - Priority - Requirements - Connection
  • Hardware - Disaster CMDB - All important Information available
  • Location - See all Location - from Building down to Rack
  • IM-Teams - Details of all IM-Teams
  • Plans - Flexible graphicle Plans with all steps to do in case of a disaster
  • Plan - Detailled Information about the Plan
  • Plan Execution - Realtime Execution of all Plans - know what is going on - all time
  • Manuals - Complete Manual for all Teams, Scenarios or even other
  • Manuals - Flexible Structure - build your own Manual
  • Manuals - Index - Automatic Update
  • Manual - Graphical Plans are integrated

Welcome to the ROGSI GmbH Site

1990 - 2013  - 23 Years ROGSI/DMS
ROGSI/DMS V1 was released and installed the first time in 1990. Since that time, we have continuously developed the software. The todays functions and data are supporting you not only in case of an incident, but also in many cases during your daily business.
ROGSI/DMS Suite is the leading BCM Lifecycle Tool, made in Germany. The "Fachhochschule Brandenburg" has compared tools from all over the world. The result was: ROGSI/DMS is the best BCM Lifecycle tool.
1989 - 2013  more than  20 years ROG GmbH
ROG GmbH is your Partner for Business Continuity Management (BCM), Disaster Recovery Management (DRM), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Risk-Assessment (RIA) and BCP and DRP as well.
ROGSI/DMS (disaster management system) was released in 1990 as the first German DRP tool and it is still leading in function and service.
ROG GmbH is present in many countries around the world - directly or with local partner.





ROGSI/DMS is our central suite for disaster management and business continuity. Our suite is used by many companies of all kind in many countries around the world.
ROGSI/DMS can be used to create and maintain Business Continuity Plans for all Company Processes and for ITSCM as well.
ROGSI/DMS was released the first time in 1990 as the first tool, developed in Germany. Since that time we are working continually to fulfill all requirements from several standards, like BS25999 and ISO22031 as well.



 ROGSI/DMS V4 is our main system build as a normal client/server application. Why client/server. The reason is very simple: With this solution we can offer the highest standard in availability for the software. As long as your network is available, you will have access from any place to the central application and database. If in case of a disaster, the network is not available, the access to the database is down.
ROGSI/DMS can be executed straight from an USB-device with out any installation. This is unique. The complete application and the database are available on this USB-device. All you need is a Laptop with Windows installed. Plug in the USB-device and start your Plan.
You’re BC and DR Plans is always available – at any time – at any place.






ROGSI/BIA - the Online Business Impact Analysis from ROG. Pre-defined and easy to modify questionnaires reduce the time for Preparation of a survey. The creation of complete new questionnaires is also supported.
Send the questionnaires by email to the responsible persons. They can fill out these forms, when ever they have to time to do. The BMC Manager can control the status of the survey at any time.
The results of the survey will be stored in a central database. The integrated Report Generator allows creating reports with text and graphical elements as well.
And last but not least: Move the data into the ROGSI/DMS (disaster management system).


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