ROGSI/DMS V4 Overview


ROGSI/DMS V4 was released in 1990 the first time. And since that time ROGSI/DMS is leading in functionality and kind of data. The continuously development secures the high standard of our BCM and DRP suite.
The current standards, like BS25999 or ISO22301 and BSI100-4 (German standard), is always fulfilled. We will release 2 – 3 versions every year.
ROGSI/DMS includes more information and data as the most of other tools.
ROGSI/DMS includes the following systems/data
- Process-Management
- Service-Management
- Asset-Management
- Address-Management
- Graphical Action Plan with Online Execution
- Disaster Management System
- Production Management System
- Workflow-Management
- Mobile-Documentation

Additional Modules
- BIA – Business Impact Analysis
- RIA – Risk Analysis
ROGSI/DMS is open for Data from other systems. Using the Import or the Export module allows transferring data from and to the ROGSI/DMS database.
ROGSI/DMS does not have any limitation from Windows versions or from other tools as well.