A Disaster Recovery Documentation is like car insurance. Everybody has one, and hopes never to use it. Nobody will hit a tree, because the car is insured.

Minimal Workload and Maximum Benefit

ROGSI/DMS maintains all information for different situation.
Themosteffortis required for the"first fill". This is identical, if you use a tool or a word processing system. But with a tool, it’s possible to reduce this effort to a minimum. The different options for the first fill are:
1. Type in all data – this will take a long time to do
2. Collect all data in an Excel sheet – and than import this Excel sheets – might be faster, but only for first fill
3. Import data from different sources – this is the fastest way and can be executed also to update the data
The graphical plan shows step by step how to restart your business- including information like Who, Why, When, Where, With what and at last What. Automatically protocols show the results after execution.
ROGSI/DMS has an interface to Alarm Systems


ROGSI/DMS V4 was released in 1990 the first time. And since that time ROGSI/DMS is leading in functionality and kind of data. The continuously development secures the high standard of our BCM and DRP suite.
The current standards, like BS25999 or ISO22301 and BSI100-4 (German standard), is always fulfilled. We will release 2 – 3 versions every year.
ROGSI/DMS includes more information and data as the most of other tools.
ROGSI/DMS includes the following systems/data
- Process-Management
- Service-Management
- Asset-Management
- Address-Management
- Graphical Action Plan with Online Execution
- Disaster Management System
- Production Management System
- Workflow-Management
- Mobile-Documentation

Additional Modules
- BIA – Business Impact Analysis
- RIA – Risk Analysis
ROGSI/DMS is open for Data from other systems. Using the Import or the Export module allows transferring data from and to the ROGSI/DMS database.
ROGSI/DMS does not have any limitation from Windows versions or from other tools as well.

ROGSI/DMS V4 – the state-of-the-art BCM and DRP Suite. This software package includes more than 20 years of experience in creating and maintaining Disaster Recovery Software.
In today's business world there is one important asset that drives your business: Information. In a common scenario, this information is kept in different formats and locations. Examples for different formats would include Word document, Excel spread sheets, printed documents in folders, or perhaps the heads of staff member and outside resources. 
Locations can include different servers, archives spread throughout your company and different departments. During regular operations where work takes its orderly way this may be sufficient in many cases. In case of a disaster however, you will need to have the correct information in appropriate detail at the right place at the right time.
ROGSI/DMS is documentation - and a planning tool that allows you to keep all the information you need for daily work and for disaster situations in one database. The system can run on your company server during regular business but will run just as well on a Laptop in case of an emergency. All information stored in the system can be printed ROGSI/DMS mobile is ROGSI on an USB-memory stick. Copy the application and the database on this unit and you will have your disaster recovery documentation always with you.

ROGSI/DMS with triple availability

  • ROGSI/DMS the only tool worldwide that offers you a triple availability.
    • Client/Server
    • Browser
    • Mobile on secured USB devices
  • Client/Server
    This is the „normal“ fat client application with access to different kind of central database.
    LAN/WAN must up and running.
    The database must be up and running.
  • Browser
    Internet Explorer or Firefox is used to have access to the central application and the central database. The application is running on a Windows Server or an Unix Server.
    Network must be available (LAN / WAN)
    Central application must be up and running
    Access to the central application must be up and running
    Mobile on secured USB-devices
    ROGSI/DMS (application) and the database (Access) are stored on an USB device. The application can be started straight from the USB device without any installation. The complete application with all functions, including plan execution and report generator is available from this device.
    Any kind of Windows PC or Laptop with USB port. No other requirements.
    Mobile on any Laptop
    ROGSI/DMS (application) and the database (Access) are stored on any kind of laptop or PC. Everything is the same as using a USB device.
    Same as USB device, but is bound to the laptop with the installed ROGSI software.

DMS is the base module and used to enter and maintain all kind of data. ROGSI allows defining relations between the data just by a mouse click. Reference information is available by mouse click. The layout of ROGSI/DMS is clear and intuitive.

DMS	Basismodul